[44] Beef Silverside (800g-1kg) [HALAL]


Country of origin: India.

This is a frozen product.

Silverside got its name after the silver wall of connective tissue that sits on the side of the cut (normally removed before cooking). It comes from the outside of the rear leg and sits between the knuckle and the topside. It is a large and lean cut of meat with a course grained texture. As this cut comes from well-exercised muscles, it requires gentle moist cooking method of corning.

It is mostly used for roasting joints, braising steaks or dice.

Please allow 7% to 10% weight fluctuation due to cutting, trimming and packaging.

All images are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to product packaging and presentation.

Please note that we do not deliver beef and lamb parts (i.e. beef brisket, beef striploin, lamb shoulder etc.) on Monday. As such, if you place an order that contains these items, your entire order will be delivered on the next day (Tuesday).

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