Boiled Shrimp Cut (Halal) 熟虾肉碎 (500g)


Suggested Cooking Method / Recipe : 

Shrimp Gyoza


  1. Chinese Chives
  2. Boiled Shrimp
  3. Soy Sauce
  4. Sake
  5. Sesame Oil
  6. Cornstarch
  7. Gyoza Wrappers
  8. Oil
  9. Rice Vinegar
  10. La-Yu (S&B Rayu EX)

Benefits of Shrimp 

Shrimp is filled with a number of vitamins and minerals such as selenium, phosphorous, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids that helps to lower high cholesterol and high blood pressure levels. Shrimp is also known to strengthen the bones and protect the skin, by offering skin moisture and improving skin elasticity.

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