Curry Potato Bun (6 pcs/pack)


HALAL certified.

This is a frozen product.


Dough – Wheat flour, Water, Sugar, Palm oil, Baking powder (Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium aluminium phosphate, Calcium phosphate), Yeast, Salt

Filling – Potato, Water, Palm oil, Onion, Curry powder, Fresh herbs and spices (Ginger, Garlic and Curry leaves), Vegetarian seasoning (Hydrolysed vegetable protein, Salt, Food conditioner, Palm Olin, Sugar, MSG, Yeast extract, Sodium insinuate, Guanylate), Sugar, Salt, Chilli powder, Ground cinnamon

Allergen information:

Contains Wheat, Mustard and Soy

May contain traces of Egg, Sesame, Crustacean, Molluscs, Coconut, Fish and Peanut

Heating instructions:

  1. Do not defrost. Remove buns from tray before heating.
  2. Arrange each frozen bun on a plate.
  3. Steam buns for 10 minutes over boiling water before serving.
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