Daisy Corn Oil 2kg / 玉米油 / Minyak Jagung


  • made from pure corn oil
  • suitable for all types of cooking and baking
  • 100% cholesterol free
  • contains Vitamin E and Omega 6


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Made from pure corn oil, Daisy Corn Oil is made from pure corn oil. It is a highly stable cooking oil that is suitable for all types of cooking and baking. It is 100% cholesterol free, contains Vitamin E and Omega 6. Daisy Corn Oil contains soft-POLY which makes it good for baking. Soft-POLY refers to the liquid polyunsaturates found in Daisy Corn Oil that is extracted from quality corn kernel.


What is corn oil?

Corn oil is derived from the germ of the corn plant, one of the most widely grown and relied on crops in the world. Due to its prevalence, it is one of the most inexpensive and most popular vegetable oils.

Is corn oil healthy?

Corn oil has a fair amount of vitamin E, which is a fat-soluble nutrient that acts as an anti-inflammatory antioxidant in your body. It also contains Omega-6 fats, which is a healthy unsaturated fats that play an important role in regulating our genes and promoting immune health and blood clotting.

Source: unlockfood.ca

What is the difference between corn oil and vegetable oil? Do I need to know the difference?

Vegetable oil is a generic term for oil that comes from a plant, corn is a type of vegetable, accordingly corn oil is a type of vegetable oil. A bottle labeled “vegetable oil” is often either soybean oil, canola oil, or a blend of several vegetable oils. This will affect their smoke points. As the term corn oil and vegetable oil may be used fairly interchangeably on the market – you may want to check before purchasing.