Drinho Chrysanthemum Flavoured Drink (250ml x 24)


  • Cooling & refreshing
  • Pleasant & distinctive floral taste
  • Can reduce blood pressure

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Drinho’s Chrysanthemum drink is a refreshing drink which can act as a coolant to keep you cool in our hot Malaysian weather! It has a distinctive and pleasant floral taste that leaves you wanting for more.

Storage Method:

Best kept chilled in the refridgerator

What are the benefits of drinking Chrysanthemum Drink?

In traditional Chinese medicine itself, chrysanthemum tea is considered to be a drink that can help reduce blood pressure. Besides that, they are apparently a great hangover remedy. A past study found that chrysanthemum tea helped to improve alcohol metabolism which refers to the process that our body uses to break down alcohol in order to remove it from our system. It won’t be a guarantee that a chrysanthemum drink will completely undo your hangover, but it can aid with easing some of the unpleasant after-effects.

Source: Nourish by WebMD