Farm Fresh UHT Master Barista Milk 1L


  • 100% imported Australian cow’s milk
  • Creamy, great for latte art
  • Perfect for coffee
  • Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 1 week


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Farm Fresh, now Malaysia’s leading dairy brand, was founded more than 10 years ago in Johor with the aim of producing fresh and pure dairy. The founder noticed that many Malaysian brands were selling products made from reconstituted or powdered milk, so he decided to purchase a small plot of land in Johor and import 60 Holstein Jersey cows from Australia. From there, Farm Fresh milk is born.


Yarra Master Barista Milk is the essential ingredient for a perfect cup of coffee. Made with imported Australian fresh milk, it brings great balance to a fresh brew with the creaminess necessary for beautiful latte art.

What does “UHT” stand for?

UHT stands for Ultra-high temperature. While most milk goes through a standard pasteurization process, UHT milk goes through ultra-pasteurization, which safely heats the milk to a higher-than-usual temperature. This, like regular pasteurization, kills bacteria in the milk that may be harmful or cause the milk to spoil, producing milk with a longer life.


How long can UHT milk last?

UHT milk can sit out unrefrigerated for about a few months, and this can vary by brand. Once the container is opened, the milk should be refrigerated and has the same shelf life as other milk (7 to 10 days).



100% Imported Australian Cow’s Milk & Permitted Food Stabilizer


Nutritional Facts (per 100ml):
Energy – 54kcal
Carbohydrates – 4.3g
Total Fat – 3.8g
Protein – 3.4g
Calcium – 114mg


Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh, now Malaysia’s leading dairy brand, was founded with the aim of producing fresh and pure dairy. We carry a large range of Farm Fresh products at Online Pasar.

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