Fat Choy 15g / Dried Black Sea Moss / 发菜


  • often used in Chinese cuisine
  • Popular garnish
  • Helps with red blood cell production
  • Improves thyroid gland functioning
  • Contains iron, iodine, fibre, etc.

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Fat choy is dried black sea moss that is usually found in Chinese cuisine. It is very absorbant, making them a popular garnish in stews and soups. Fat is low in cholesterol and fat. Some say that it is cooling and helps to expel phlegm and heat.

Source: GetDoc

Storage Method:Cooking:

To be used as garnish in stews or soups

What are the benefits of eating Fat Choy?

Fat choy helps to promotes weight loss as it is rich in fibre which can make one feel fuller for a longer time. Besides that, it is a good source of iodine which improves the functioning of our thyroid gland. It is also high in iron, making it a good food that can help with the production of red blood cells.

Source: GetDoc, Cleaveland Clinic