Fresh Chicken Fillet (800g-1kg)


  • Comes in small strips from breast and thigh
  • Boneless and fleshy chicken meat
  • Contains protein, tryptophan, vitamin B-12, and more
  • Good for keeping healthy bones, muscles, nerve cells, and blood cells
  • Boosts immune system
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Chicken fillet is boneless and fleshy chicken meat and is usually cut from a chicken’s breast or thigh. Though it depends on how it is cooked, chicken fillet is firmer in texture but is flavourful. Aside from being rich in protein, it also contains vitamins (e.g. B-12) and minerals.


To be kept frozen or refridgerated.


Can be sitr-fried, put into soup or porridge, etc.

What are the benefits of eating chicken fillet?

Chicken helps to build stronger muscles and bones as it is packed with protein. Chicken also contains zinc which aids with our body’s immune system, blood clotting, wound healing, and more. Chicken’s vitamin B-12 is excellent for keeping healthy nerve and blood cells.

Source for Information: Delighted Cooking, WebMD

Suggested Cooking Method / Recipe :

Crispy Chicken Fingers

Ingredients :

  1. Chicken fillet
  2. Salt
  3. Soy sauce
  4. Tomato ketchup
  5. Paprika or chilli powder
  6. Pepper powder
  7. Ginger-garlic paste
  8. Egg
  9. Butter milk
  10. Flour
  11. Garlic powder
  12. Oregano