Fresh Chicken Whole Leg (800g-1kg)


  • Comes in about 3 or 4 pieces (may vary depending on size of chicken)
  • Whole leg of a chicken which includes both the drumstick and thigh in one piece
  • Greasy and meaty texture
  • Contains vitamin B-12, protein, and pantothenic acid
  • Great for regulation of nerve cells and cell metabolism

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Chicken legs are known to have its greasy and meaty texture. Chicken legs are a great supply of vitamin B and protein.


To be kept frozen or refridgerated.


Chicken leg can be cooked in various ways including roasting, baking, frying, grilling, steaming, etc.

What is the difference between drumstick and whole leg?

Chicken whole leg includes both the drumstick and thigh, coming in one piece together. Drumstick refers to the lower portion where it is cut below the knee joint.

What are the benefits of eating chicken whole leg?

Chicken whole leg is packed with vitamin B-12 which is essential for the regulation of our nerve cells. They also have pantothenic acid that improves cell metabolism.

Source for Information: The Spruce Eats, Livestrong

Our supplier for fresh chicken is granted with Halal Certificate Malaysia, VHM certified and IOS certificate. All chicken slaughter workers are certified with the Islamic Slaughter Certificate.

Suggested Cooking Method / Recipe :

Hainanese Chicken Chop

Ingredients :

  1. Chicken wholeleg
  2. Salt
  3. Sugar
  4. Egg
  5. Cooking oil
  6. Pre-mix Fry Chicken Powder
  7. Green peas
  8. Red onion
  9. Potato
  10. Tomato
  11. Brown stock powder
  12. Bay leaf (optional)