Fresh Kampung Chicken (1.5-1.8kg) [Halal]


  • fresh kampung chicken prepared daily before delivery
  • option to cut (4 or 14 pieces) or leave uncut (ayam bulat)
  • granted with Halal Certificate Malaysia, VHM certified and IOS certificate

Scroll down for Kampung Chicken Soup recipe and learn more about Ayam Kampung.

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Our supplier for fresh chicken is granted with Halal Certificate Malaysia, VHM certified and IOS certificate. All chicken slaughter workers are certified with the Islamic Slaughter Certificate.

Suggested Cooking Method / Recipe :

Kampung Chicken Soup

Ingredients : 

  1. Winter melon
  2. Sweet corn
  3. Red dates
  4. Rock sugar
  5. Salt
  6. Ginger

What is the difference between normal chicken and kampung chicken (ayam kampung)?

In general, Kampung Chickens are reared a little differently than regular chicken. They are allowed to “run free” in modernised closed house farms, strengthening their legs and bodies and making the meat firmer and nicer to eat.

In term of appearance, they have a pale-yellowish skin.

Additional information

Cut / Don't Cut

Cut (14 pieces), Cut (4 pieces), Do not cut

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