Gardenia Original Classic Bread 400g


  • White bread
  • Soft-tasting bread
  • Suitable on any occasion

How to decide if you should eat white bread or wholmeal bread? Scroll down to find out!

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Make the perfect Malaysian breakfast using Ma Cao Eggs (soft-boiled is the best!) and Kaya spread.

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Gardenia is undisputedly a market leader with more than two million loaves produced every single day. It takes price in being soft and fluffy, true to its popular slogan – so good you can even eat it on its own.


Gardenia Original Classic is a classic, fluffy and delicious white bread with no artificial preservatives. This white bread is baked with unbleached super fine flour for soft tasting bread, suitable to be enjoyed on any occasions.


What does ‘white bread’ mean in general?

Grain kernels are made up of three parts: the fiber-dense bran, the nutrient-rich germ, and the starchy endosperm. White bread is made from wheat kernels that have been processed to remove the bran and the germ, leaving only the endosperm. This results in a lighter texture and flavor—as well as fewer nutrients.



Does that mean we should not eat white bread and opt for other alternatives like wholemeal bread instead?

Not necessarily. White bread may be a better choice if you have a GI or digestive health condition, as the lower amount of fiber will be easier on your stomach.





Gardenia's bread is soft and fluffy. Classic, butterscotch or chocolate? We have it all. Order online and we will send it to your doorstep.

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