Golden Nugget (V) 拿吉凤凰块 (斋) (13pcs/300g)


  • vegetarian nugget
  • defrost and deep fry
  • awesome for snack or parties
  • suitable to pan fry and fry
  • frozen product
  • 100% Vegetarian, HALAL, HACCP

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Vegetarian Nugget, defrost and deep fry. Enjoy it with chilli padi sauce mix with mayo just like any nuggets only meatless. Awesome for snack or parties.

100% Vegetarian, HALAL, HACCP

Note: This product contains Wheat and Soy 产品含有小麦和豆类

Ingredients 成份: –

Textured Wheat Protein, Isolated Soy Protein ,Konjac, Modified Tapioca Starch, Tapioca Starch(Contain thickener as permitted food conditioner), Palm Oil, Sugar, Salt, Breadcrumbs, Vegetarian Seasoning (Contain flavoring as permitted food)
小麦 纤维 ,大豆分离蛋白,蒟蒻,改良木薯淀粉,木薯淀粉, 油 ,糖, 盐,面包屑,素调味料

Serving Suggestion 食用方法:

Fry, Pan fry, Buffet 炸, 煎,自助餐

Storage Instruction 保存方法: –

Keep Frozen below -18°C