Shredded Bonito Flakes / Ito Kezuri Boshi 柴魚丝 (20g)


  • shredded bonito flakes
  • a smokey savory taste
  • packed with umami (savory taste)
  • can be used as is, sprinkling on simple vegetables to give a deeper flavor instantly
  • often found on top on Okonomiyaki (Japanese egg pancakes), Takoyaki Balls (Japanese Octopus balls) and Takuan (Pickled Radish)

This is a thinly shredded bonito flakes. If you are looking for thicker cut bonito flakes, click here for Bonito Flakes / Shinrai Katsuoboshi 柴鱼片 (500g).

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Suggested Cooking Method / Recipe :

Bonito Flakes Onigiri


  1. Japanese Noodle Soup Base
  2. Japanese Rice
  3. Soya Sauce
  4. Sesame Oil

What is Bonito?

Bonito is a type of fish, known as Skipjack Tuna or Striped Tuna. It belongs to the family of Tuna & Mackerels. Bonito Fish is also called as Katsuo (鰹/かつお) in Japanese; while it is known as chái yú (柴鱼) or mù yú (木鱼) in Chinese.

What is the difference between Ito Kezuri (Shredded Bonito Flakes) and Katsuoboshi (Bonito Flakes)

Ito Kezuri is usually the back or tail area of the dried bonito fish; whilst Katsuo Boshi is almost any part of the dried bonito fish.

Ito Kezuri is more expensive as it is harder to shred into thinner pieces; Katsuo Boshi is cheaper as it is bigger in size and packaging.