Jasmine Sunwhite (10kg)


  • Limit to 1 bag per order
  • Imported from Thailand
  • Grade AAA rice
  • Jasmine-like fragrance and a bit sweeter in flavour
  • Rich in carbohydrates, manganese, fibre, etc.
  • Improves digestive system
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Sunwhite, imported from Thailand is Malaysia’s leading fragrant rice brand, having captured consumers’ loyalty with its purity, taste and fragrance. The rice has a Jasmine-like scent and is a bit sweeter in flavour. Sunwhite is of the “Homali”? rice variety and is only harvested once every year, between October and March. Jasmine Sunwhite rice is an AAA graded rice that has a great quality. Apart from being used widely in restaurants, homes, it is also famously suited to one of Malaysia’s favourite food, a rice recipe that’s coupled with chicken. Many chicken rice ‘entrepreneurs’ have attested to Sunwhite’s ‘special’ taste and texture, making this rice a favourite choice. It is also high in nutrients such as carbohydrates, fibre, manganese, and more.

Texture: Soft, fragrant and smooth

Usage: Suitable for restaurants, chicken rice and Chinese cooking

Source: Medical News Today, Jasmine

Storage Method:

Product should be stored air-tight and kept in a dry area.

What is the difference between brown rice and white rice?

White rice is refined, polished, and has its bran and germ stipped away. On the other hand, brown rice has is whole intact grain. This give it more nutritional value comapred to white rice.

What are the benefits of eating Jasmine sunwhite?

Jasmine sunwhite is rich with fibre, a nutrient which helps with our digestive system. Moreover, it is rich in carbohydrates, meaning that it is a great source of energy. It’s also great for helping our body form blood clotting factors, bones, and connective tissue as it contains manganese.