Kawan Brand Low GI Chapatti 8pcs

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  • Indian flatbread
  • Best eaten with other dishes
  • Full of fibre
  • Low glycemic index

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Kawan’s roti chapatti is an Indian flatbreat that is made with a blend of whole wheat, fenugreek, dhal, and okra. This chapatti on its own has a mild bland taste, but it’s flavours can be brought out when accompanied with other dishes like dipping it in curry or dhal. This chapati is a great source of dietary fibre, and it has a low glycemic index. There are also no added preservatives.

Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Water, Vegetable Oil, Lentil, Fenugreek, Permitted Dough Conditioners (471, 300 and Soy Enzymes), Salt, Vegetable Gum (412), Okra and Raising Agents (450, 500, 170, 575).

Source: GI Symbol

Storage Method:

To be kept frozen


Simply heat up the chapatti on a pan with medium to high-heat.