Lotte Matcha Ice Cream (2 litre) 乐天抹茶雪糕

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  • Earthy, sweet, and refreshing taste
  • Slightly bitter undertones
  • Relives stress
  • Gives your skin a brighter glow

Interested in the benefits of matcha? Why not buy our Harada Matcha Powder (500g) to give matcha tea a go so you can get the most of it’s benefits!

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Lotte’s Matcha Ice Cream has a light refreshing matcha flavour with a smooth mouthfeel. It also has a balance of an earthy, sweet taste with slightly bitter undertones. This matcha ice cream is bound to give you great benefits because matcha itself is prized for its tons of benefits.

Storage Method:

To be kept in the freezer

Is there a difference between matcha and green tea?

Although these 2 terms seem to be used interchangeably, there is indeed a small difference between them. Both of them are cultivated differently. Green tea usually comes in the form of leaves and are processed using modern or artisanal methods, getting rid of any bitter components and preserves its natural flavours. Matcha comes in the form of powder. They also come from the same leaves, but they are de-veined and de-stemmed and then steamed afterwards to stop oxidation. This process gives matcha its rich emerald colour. At last, they get grounded into fine powder.

In terms of taste, green tea has a delicate and fresh taste to it, but depending on how it is processed as well, they ay have a floral, nutty, or fruity taste. On the other hand, matcha has a more intense and rich flavour. When made into matcha lattes, they are often blended with milk and sweetener so it gives it a more frothy, velvety texture with a sweet taste.

Source: TeaMind Today by The Republic of Tea

What are the benefits of eating Matcha Ice Cream?

Although many would say ice cream is unhealthy, never doubt the benefits that matcha can bring to you. If you’re looking to give your skin a brighter glow, matcha ice cream can help out with this as matcha is rich in vitamin C which stimulates collagen production. Besides that, it also has vitamin B which promotes healthy skin cell turnover. Besides that, matcha has stress-relieving effects. Matcha ice cream contains an amino acid called L-theanine which helps to reduce stress. Some say that when they consume matcha products, they have a smooth alertness. This matcha ice cream can also be good for the young and the elderly if you’re looking to have something sweet and refreshing while wanting to keep your bones strong.

Source: Women’s Health