Ma Cao Eggs 马草蛋 (30pcs/tray)


  • Produce of Malaysia
  • Telur Ma Cao Gred A
  • More nutritious than normal eggs (scroll down to know why!)
  • No pungent smell
  • Contains fibre, antioxidants, and organic enzymes

*Please note that our Ma Cao Eggs are from Bukit Tinggi and they are not stamped.

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Produce and packed in Malaysia. Comes in a tray of 30 eggs.

*Please note that our Ma Cao Eggs are from Bukit Tinggi and they are not stamped.

These Grade A Ma Cao Eggs (Telur Ma Cao Gred A) are one of the biggest-sized eggs. Ma Cao eggs are believed to be 3 times more nutritious than normal eggs because the chicken feed is supplemented with napier grass and other ingredients. Because of this, the egg yolk of ma cao eggs are darker in colour. Ma Cao eggs are creamier than normal eggs (even compared to kampung eggs) and consumers have commented that they do not have the fishy-pungent smell that normal eggs usually come with. When it comes to its nutritional value, Ma Cao Eggs contains lots of fibre, antioxidants, and organic enzymes which are beneficial for our body.

Source: Soon Ang – Eggs Trading Sdn Bhd

马草蛋主要是鸡只的主食是天然有机的马草,配上养鸡丝混合一起,所以生产出来的鸡蛋就叫“马草蛋” ,马草蛋富含了花青素和有机酵素,富含很高的营养价值,他的营养价值比一般的鸡蛋高出总总3倍,它的蛋清纯白浓郁,蛋黄是鲜艳浓稠的橙红色, 口感好无腥味。

Storage Method:

Best kept refridgerated


Can be soft-boiled, half-boiled, poached, scrambled, etc.

How does grading for eggs work?

Product Grade / Size :

Grade A: 65 to 69.9g above / egg

Grade B: 60 to 64.9g above / egg

Grade C: 55 to 59.9g above / egg