Ma Cao Eggs / 马草蛋 (Grade A) (10pcs)


Produce and packed in Malaysia. Comes in a tray of 10 eggs.

*Please note that our Ma Cao Eggs are from Bukit Tinggi and they are not stamped.

Ma Cao eggs are believed to be 3 times more nutritious than normal eggs because the chickens are fed with napier grass.

马草蛋顾名思义就是主要是因为鸡只的主食是天然有机的马草,所以生产出来的鸡蛋就叫“马草蛋” ,马草蛋富含了花青素和有机酵素,富含很高的营养价值,他的营养价值比一般的鸡蛋高出总总3倍,它的蛋清纯白浓郁,蛋黄是鲜艳浓稠的橙红色。

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