Shitake Mushroom (200g/pack)


Produce of China.

Suggested Cooking Method / Recipe : 

Tofu Mushroom Soup

Ingredients : 

  1. Olive oil
  2. Garlic
  3. White onion
  4. Chicken breast
  5. Shiitake mushroom
  6. Oyster sauce
  7. Cornstarch
  8. Ground black pepper
  9. Salt
  10. Tofu box
  11. Spring onion 

When you buy more than 1 unit, the packing measurement is by weight and not by number of bags. We will pack them together in a single bag to reduce plastic usage to be more environmentally friendly.

Storage Method:

Mushrooms have a very high water content, so they need air to stay firm and fresh. Place them in a small bowl or container and cover with plastic wrap. Don’t use sealable containers because you want to give your mushrooms some air. To that end, poke a few holes in the plastic, then store in the fridge and use within one week.

Bearing in mind that they are already so high in water content, you do not want to contribute more moisture. Don’t wash them before storing.  

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