Somen (Nissin) 日清素麺 (200g)

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  • Nissin Somen Noodles
  • Vermicelli-style wheat noodles
  • Mild flavour and delicate texture
  • Can be served chilled or hot
  • Rich in minerals
  • Improves bowel movements
  • Prevents cell damage

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Made by Nissin, these somen noodles are a vermicelli-style Japanese wheat noodle that are thin. These pale white noodles have a mild flavour and are delicate in texture. Not only do they taste good, they are also a good source of nutrients as they contain fibre, manganese, phosphorus, and more.

Source: The Spruce Eats

Storage Method:

To be kept in a dry area


To prepare, simmer the noodles in water first. Next, drain them and immediately place them into an ice-water bath to prevent it from cooking any longer.

These chilled noodles can be served in cold or hot dishes. If they are chilled, you can serve them on a tray on top of ice cubes. They can be eaten with a dipping sauce like ponzu or mirin. Somen noodles can also be placed into hot broth, usually an umami-rich broth that is made by simmering ponzu, dired bonito flakes, and sometimes added with a poached egg. Somen noodles can also be stir-fried or added into salads.

What are the benefits of Somen Noodles?

Somen noodles contain lots of fibre which can help to improve your bowel movements, reducing constipation. Besides that, it has phosphorus which contributes to the functioning of our cells an also maintains the health of our teeth and bones. It’s also packed with manganese which protects our cells from getting damaged.

Source: CheckYourFood