[Vegetarian, Muslim-Friendly] 素虎賀歲 Vegetarian Tiger Wishing you Great Luck


This gift set contains:

6x Mandarin Orange 柑 (1 pc)
2x CNY Cookies 新年年饼 (Ngaku Chips & Vegetarian Chocolate Cookies)
1x Black Pepper Mushroom Snack (V) 传统黑胡椒肉干 (斋)
1x Original Mushroom Snack (V) 传统肉干 (斋)
1x Natural Wheat Floss (V) 素肉松 (斋)(130g/can)
1x Dried Mushroom 百花菇 +/-160g
2x White Fungus 花球雪耳

Inviting a cute, friendly and healthy tiger into 2022 with lots of scrumptious yet vegetarian-friendly food and snacks. Dried Mushrooms are both symbolic for health and for a long life, coupled with Mandarin Oranges that have the same pronunciation as “Gold” in Cantonese and White Fungus that is also known as Silver Ear, we wish you great wealth, luck and excellent fortune in the year of Tiger!

百花菇代表吉祥如意。”柑”在广东话的发音是“金”, 送柑即使送金的意思。白木耳也称银耳,寓意金银财宝装满包。在这里祝您新春大吉, 财源滚滚,虎年快乐! 以这份好礼,分享喜悦并庆祝虎年的到来吧!

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