Yeo’s Grass Jelly Drink (300ml x 24)


  • Yeo’s Cincau Drink
  • Mixed with herbs
  • Sweet and refreshing
  • Best served chilled

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Yeo’s Grass Jelly Drink can also be more commonly known as Yeo’s Cincau drink. This drink contains lots of chewy grass jelly (cincau) that makes drinking this beverage a lot more enjoyable! It is also mixed with refreshing herbs, pairing well with the soft cincau strips. Yeo’s Grass Jelly Drink is sweet, so it’s great for those who have a sweet tooth!

Ingredients: Water, aqueous extract of Mesona chinensis, cane sugar, corn starch, and caramel

Source: Yeo’s USA

Storage Method:

It is best to keep the drinks chilled in the fridge, so they can be more enjoyable.

What is Grass Jelly (Cincau) made of?

Grass jelly is mostly made from a plant called the Chinese mesona which is usually found in East Asian countries like Taiwan and China. They normally grow on areas that are grassy, dry, and sandy. Corn starch and potassium carbonate are also the few key ingredients that are used for making the grass jelly.

Source: WebstaurantStoreBlog