Your traditional ‘pasar’ is now online

Guess what? Your traditional ‘pasar’ is now online.

“Whattttt?” you may wonder. Where will I get my cheap vegetables or my fresh fruits now?

It is true, that Malaysian pasars are filled with a variety of products for the everyday consumer.  The products there are cheaper compared to most commercial supermarkets. At a pasar, the  fruits and vegetables somehow seem more fresh and vibrant. The fishes at the fish mongers somehow seem to still be moving. It is surely a pleasant sight to see Malaysian culture alive in the pasar.

However, there is the blistering heat of the sun as it shines down on both the shoppers and the sellers. Even though you may bring a small fan or a hat along, the heat still gets to you. The worse time is when you may need to line up for a certain stall, and you will be lining up in the hot sun, with dozens of people in front of you. Along with the heat, there is the crowd. People pushing against each other to get to their destinations. Everyone will be carrying their heavy load of  goods, and the plastic bags will be scratching against you. Ouch!

Sometimes too, your own personal schedule might not fit with the pasars timetable. You may want to go to the pasar because of the cheap stuff, but you may only be free during their closing hours, which is when many vendors would have closed and not much is left for you to choose from. To get the best goods, you would need to get there early, might even need to wake up early in the morning.

Avoid the crowd, heat & queue and shop from the comfort of your home with Online Pasar.

Well, worry no more about getting up early, or the tough crowds, or the blistering heat, because there is Online Pasar. What is Online Pasar you may ask? Online Pasar is an online grocer that provides most of your usual pasar items, ranging from fresh vegetables, fruits, kampung eggs, kampung chicken, seafood, meat, dim sum, bread & bun etc. They provide next-day delivery to all addresses within the Klang Valley for just a RM5 delivery fee. What’s better, the minimum order is just RM60 – perfect for a small family – and you can receive a full refund for damaged items within 2 days. Compare that to the traditional pasar: no refund, and even if there is, you’d have to make a second trip all the down to the same pasar to the same stall!

Isn’t that awesome? Shop with Online Pasar is still shop at the pasar, just that it is now online.

Online Pasar has more than 500 over products for you to shop for. We provide next-day delivery to all addresses within Klang Valley for RM5 only. Please note that we do not deliver on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Shop now: www.onlinepasar.com.my

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